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strikerAnda pasti tahu dengan striker top dunia, seperti Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Karim Benzema, Diego Costa, Sergio Kun Aguero, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Neymar, Arjen Robben, dan Huntelaar, bukan? Yup, mereka adalah para bomber yang mampu mencetak gol dari bola mati atau kerja sama tim dengan peluang minim sekalipun. Apakah Anda ingin menjadi seperti mereka, seorang penyerang profesional? Jika iya, ikuti tips di bawah ini:

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In any sport, of course, there must be rules and there should be. So even in a football game. One of the rules that must be adhered to and generally quite troubling the football player is a free kick. Therefore, the free-kick on average was able to give the opposing team a goal.

Free kicks are generally two type’s namely direct free kicks and indirect free kick. Direct free kick is a kick that could be a goal though is not touching another player. However, the indirect free kick can only be scored by first touching another player.

Talk about a free kick, actually what is the cause of a free kick is awarded to the opposing team?

Free Kick1Direct free kick

  • Holding or blocking opponents. The referee will give a free kick to the opposing team if a player deliberately held or prevented to be able to control the ball.
  • Perform sliding tackle. Take or steal the ball by sliding tackle is recommended. However, sliding tackle performed or to be clean if it does not harm the opponent can make a free kick to the opposing team will certainly be a punishment.
  • Hold the ball on purpose. Other than that, there is a term in football hand ball. Considering football is done by using the foot, so the players are not required to hold or take the ball with the hand unless kipper. If not, the referee did not hesitate to give a penalty kick for the opposing team.

Indirect free kick

  • Block the keeper took the ball. There is also a player who intentionally experienced keeper took the ball and the referee certainly will not hesitate to give a penalty kick to the opposing team.
  • Holding the ball more than six seconds. In addition to players, the kipper was also a person who does not go unpunished. When he held when more than six seconds the referee will give a penalty kick.

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Football matchFootball lovers are always eager to attend and watch the next football match, especially if their favorite team plays. If you are one of them, you shouldn’t be not only excited, but also prepare yourself to enjoy attending the match.

Here are several things to do before you attend a football match:

Know the schedule in detail

When it comes to attending a football match, you have to check and kunjungi portal bola agenbolanet to find out the latest and upcoming schedules. Make sure you can really attend it without leaving your responsibilities. If you’re working, you have to ask for leaves early. Ask your friends to lend their notes if you are a student.

Purchase a ticket

Ticket is an essential before attending a football match. Planning to come to world’s match, you have to book as early as possible before it runs out. Buy a ticket only from trusted agents either online or in person. Consider the seat and ticket price when buying one.

Decide who will go with you and how you’ll go there

To enjoy watching a football match live, you need to decide who will go with you to the venue and who you’ll reach there, especially for traveling abroad. If you are already a member of football fan club, you’ll absolutely go with fellow fans.

Pay attention to your appearance and safety

In addition, don’t forget to pay attention to your appearance and safety prior to the D-Day. You can be creative in dressing up and using accessories to show love to your favorite football team. Be careful of placing your money, gadget, and other valuable things.

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watch soccer aSoccer is among the activities that are preferred throughout the planet which might be popular with individuals from different skills. Btw, there are various wellknown football people, like D. Ronaldo, Frank Lampard, Frank Ribery, Lionel Messi, Peter Cech. Btw, are on learning to be a football sweetheart you keen? In that case, follow a number of things below:

Get plenty of soccer data. Learning to be a soccer partner you’ve to learn about baseball. Thus, get plenty of football data from numerous resources, like publications, publications, and posts. If you want exploring on net, visit with basketball websites that are reliable and qualified, like by which you will find out-of- basketball info that is current and time. Besides, you will find information about jadwal bola terbaru and FIFA World Cup 2014.

Prints are team by hold favorite soccer. What’s your preferred team? Can it be AC Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Ajax, etc? Whatever your response is, choose the prints and hold these in room tidily. Contemplate purchasing basketball memorabilia, in case you have finances. Achieving this you’ll be able to definitely become a football partner that is genuine.

Football match lives. While having leisure time, it’s easier to contemplate viewing football match that is live straight. Obtain baseball match solution if required and receive friends and family. Imagine if you don’t have finances that are sufficient? You should not fear since you may observe live basketball match on Television. To cause you to free of indifference, request friends or your household members to look at together.

You may be a real basketball fan, by following factors above. Have some fun. :)